A New Class of Pro for Indie Music Radio!A New Class of Pro for Indie Music Radio!

A New Class of Pro for Indie Music Radio!

Products listed here are offered by creatives that support other creatives dedicated to providing the awesome soundtracks that power our lives! RMC has initiated a plan to assemble and support a select group of skilled music industry entrepreneurs that serve overlooked, underserved artist communities! Our goal is to seed, nurture and grow to prominence an unlimited source of original broadcast quality entertainment dedicated to supporting your favorite artists.
Music Fans

Music Fans

RMC represents a bold new category of digital audio entertainment produced to provide the public with unlimited commercial free hours of "the best music you've never heard"!
Recording Artists

Recording Artists

Radio Music Catalog and Your Artist Portal combine to provide Indie recording artists with innovative new tools and strategy to assist them with reaching fans and making a success of their musical destiny!

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Singer Songwriter Onya
Our Fans Say That - #1
The Public Network's Music Catalog Co-host Nikki has the most incredible voice!

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Shipping is free; and because our products are custom made to order we do not offer refunds or exchanges; however, we ask that you reach out and allow us an opportunity to resolve any issues you may have with an order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.
Enjoy Your Visit

Enjoy Your Visit

We hope you'll enjoy shopping our RMC Store as well as the commercial free entertainment found at Your Artist Portal and in Radio Music Catalog's exclusive collection of "Broadcast Magazines". Thank you for your support!
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